Saturday, November 7, 2009

EMI wins suit against

In this early month, the recording company EMI angry to the one US song download website named, comforcing the website to stop selling Beatles songs without permission. Via their lawyer, EMI sued that provided the legend band The Beatles download services only 25 cents. According to TG Daily on Saturday November 11 2009, EMI said that have no authority to sale The Beatles songs and contents. Meanwhile lawyer claimed that they website not offered original songs from The Beatles but only “psychoacoustic simulations' material. lawyer mentioned that ‘psychoacoustic simulations' is a new technique to produce song likes the original version, but only in specific things, including copyrights protection. "It appears BlueBeat is arguing that they are substantially altering The Beatles material, but if the copyrighted material is the source, you are still in violation of copyright," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group. That's the perspective under U.S. copyright law. But in other parts of the world copyright law is not as strict. Enderle pointed to a case in Eastern Europe involving a Harry Potter book that was rewritten using different characters. In court, the defendant's case held up because the book was substantially altered. But in the end, Judge John Walker in Los Angeles District Court ordered that to stopped sale of song singing by EMI artists. EMI won an injunction against

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